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Engages in research and development of a teetering, three-bladed wind turbine hub. The purpose of this website is to describe the very significant performance benefits that teetering affords to a three-bladed wind turbine, and to present computer modeling data demonstrating this.

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Extracting energy from the wind causes fatigue on the moving parts of the wind turbine. These parts include the blades, bearings, and drivetrain. This fatigue limits the operational life of the wind turbine and requires significant repair costs.

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Computer modeling has shown that the three bladed turbine with a teetering hub wind provides for a significant reduction in fatigue of select moving parts. This leads to performance advantages for the three-bladed, teetering hub. Other perfomance advantages are also described.

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Modeling shows striking differences in the loads applied to the main shaft, main shaft bearing and the yaw bearing. Modeling also shows significant differences in out-of-plane loads applied to the blades. The modeling was performed on wind turbine models available from NREL (1.5 MW, 5MW onshore, and 5MW offshore) with an average wind speed of 12 mps and normal turbulence.

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Wind turbines are subject to various stresses such as wind shear, turbulence, and improper alignment with respect to the wind. In the case of offshore wind turbines, ocean waves also subject the wind turbine to added stress. Additionally, as wind turbines become larger, the top of the wind turbine can intercept nocturnal low-level jets that subject the rotor to extreme shear that can result in significant fatigue. Learn more » Modeling shows a striking reduction in the impact of low level jets with a teetering hub. Additionally, this section demonstrates that other stresses have a much more significant impact upon a three-bladed rigid hub than upon a three-bladed teetering hub. Both onshore and offshore wind turbines are used for comparison.

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Participation is requested from academics involved in wind turbine research as well as from wind turbine manufacturers.

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