About Ramsland Technology

Ramsland Technology, LLC is a startup company located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  The mission of the company is to engage in research and development of a patented wind turbine hub that enables teetering for two or more blades. 

Patent Information

A US patent (No. 9,771,923) entitled "HUB-ASSEMBLY FOR HORIZONTAL AXIS, FLUID-DRIVEN TURBINE ENABLING TEETERING" was issued on September 26, 2017.  A hub assembly that enables teetering of three blades can be viewed in the "Hub Description" tab presented on this website.  Prior to this, a patent entitled “HORIZONTAL AXIS WIND TURBINE WITH BALL-AND-SOCKET HUB” was issued on April 29, 2014.  Subsequently a continuation-in-part with the same title was issued on November 24, 2015.  


In June, 2015, Arnold Ramsland published a paper in the Journal of Solar Energy Engineering entitled "Description and Computer Modeling of a Ball-and-Socket Hub that Enables Teetering for Three-Bladed Wind Turbines". The paper can be purchased and the abstract can be viewed at View abstract ». If desired, a complimentary reprint may be obtained by registering and contacting Ramsland Technology.