Future Plans

1.  Three-bladed rigid hubs cause significant out-of-plane loads on the blades and as a consequence blades must be designed to withstand these loads.  Since teetering provides for significant reductions in out-of-plane loads, it may be possible to manufacture lighter and cheaper blades.  Studies will be done to determine the feasibility of using these lighter and cheaper blades.

 2.  NREL is developing new software entitled FAST.farm. Learn more »  The tool will predict the performance and loads of wind turbines in a wind farm.  Studies will be done to compare the performance and loads of teetering and rigid hubs in a wind farm.

3.  Continue to publish comparative studies of rigid and teetering three bladed hubs.  Hopefully these can be co-authored by interested parties.  Possibilities include

4.  Partner with wind turbine manufacturers to develop or modify existing rigid hubs.